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[Ebook] The Golden Dream By Jean Nielsen –

The Golden Dream This Poignant YA Novel Is Set In California At The Beginning Of The 1960s Real Estate Boom Starli Ryland Is The Daughter Of A Stubborn Orange Grower And His Dreamy Artistic Wife The Book Tells The Story Of Starli S Tumultuous Senior Year As She Finds New Friends, New Ideas And Even A New Love Growing From The Ashes Of Her Old Way Of Life.

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] The Golden Dream By Jean Nielsen –

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    Surprisingly realistic and nicely insightful, especially for its time and genre YA romance is not my typical genre, but I appreciated the balance of light and depth in this one.

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    Kudos for characters that are all a little different from what one has come to expect from vintage teen fiction Smiles for the earnest depictions of orange growing as a vital public service Love for the mother who is a working successful artist.

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