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FakerDebut Author Sarah Smith Nails This Fun And Sexy Multicultural Romance Where Two Office Foes Hammer Out Their Differences To Build A Love That Will LastEmmie Echavarre Is A Professional Faker She Has To Be To Survive As One Of The Few Female Employees At Nuts Bolts, A Power Tool Company Staffed Predominantly By Gruff, Burly Men From Nine To Five, Monday Through Friday, She S Tough As Nails The Complete Opposite Of Her Easy Going Real Self One Thing She Doesn T Have To Fake Her Disdain For Coworker Tate Rasmussen Tate Has Been Hostile To Her Since The Day They Met Emmie S Friendly Greetings And Repeated Attempts To Get To Know Him Failed To Garner Anything Than Scowls And Terse One Word Answers Too Bad She Can T Stop Staring At His Thor Like BicepsWhen Emmie And Tate Are Forced To Work Together On A Charity Construction Project, Things Getheated Emmie S Beginning To See That Beneath Tate S Chiseled Exterior Lies A Soft Heart, But It Will Take Than A Few Kind Words To Erase The Past And Convince Her That What They Have Is Real.

[Download] ➾ Faker ➹ Sarah        Smith –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Faker
  • Sarah Smith
  • English
  • 09 December 2019
  • 9781984805423

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    It s not often that I can t think of anything good to say about a book, but Faker managed to annoy me and bore me by doing pretty much everything I dislike in romance Why are these borderline abusive relationships still being sold as romantic It tries to do the love hate thing, but fails I ve said before that I m partial to a bit of the old love hate angst, but so few authors seem able to do it without it feeling either a fake, or b emotionally abusive For me, this book fell into the second category.Tate is so obnoxious and rude There is NO excuse for his behaviour I don t care how many sweet old men he helps out in his spare time that doesn t cancel out the way he speaks to Emmie And in a work environment as well If someone offers to share their lunch with you, you don t turn your nose up and ask if it s organic I don t care who you are.This is one of those books where the guy is a dick to the MC for no reason at all and she hates him so much, yuck, yada yada, until he kisses her because guess what he had the hots for her all along and then she s like oh Tate, almighty sexgod, be mine No There s not even any chemistry between them No desire simmering beneath the hatred It s literally one minute he s an asshole, the next they are kissing Love hate romances need some fire to add a little, you know, love to the hate.It was also very frustrating to read all the ways Tate is supposed to be redeemed Like him defending Emmie against the office lech because true gent that he is he doesn t sexually harass women This reasoning always reminds me of that one scene in Steel Magnolias.But he is still rude, jealous and moody Emmie wondering which version hot or cold of Tate she is going to get on any given day is a form of emotional abuse She never knows when he s going to give her the silent treatment or get mad over another guy flirting with her.And all this is saying nothing of the fact that the book is way too long The central conflict is mostly resolved by page 75, so there s a lot of filler after that One minor conflict is fabricated later in the book to try to stir up some jealous feelings, but it s really just the characters being stupid view spoiler Emmie has just noted how Camille looks so much like her and then she totally freaks out because Tate goes over and kisses her It was obvious to me straight away that he thought she was Emmie hide spoiler

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    A debut author who brings a combination of THE HATING GAME and FIGHT OR FLIGHT, making you fall in love with Tate and Emmie in the best of ways Okay let s all be honest over here, because when am I not Berkley Romance is killing the illustrated cover game It s a hit or miss for me for sure, but thank god I gave this beauty a try because I loved everything about this enemies to lovers romance, and I am addicted to the unique aspect of it because of the nationality of both characters of Tate and Emmie But my gosh, I truly am OBSESSED with the instant attraction and connection there is between them both Tate and Emmie work together, right across from each other actually and from the very beginning there is this strong banter of them not liking each other But it starts off because Tate acts a certain way towards Emmie, and Emmie reacts to his actions But the thing is that Tate is acting like a secret possessive alpha male, the type of alpha male that I look for and adore in every single way Let me drool over this man because even though he is fictional, I want to hug and I want him to do certain things to my body that I am not ashamed to admitAnd let me take a moment to talk about Emmie shall I You know how we are recently coming across badass fictional characters, that show the empowerment of women and how strong and confident they can be and truly are Emmie is no exception, because she truly is this confident character that is not afraid to tell Tate or any other male character in this novel the way it s supposed to be She is frank and honestly just a down right human being as a fictional character that I am so enad with I can try and talk about the story, and give things away but this is just a simple romance story between two enemies who slowly become than co workers, and than friends in an instant And that possessive side that I was talking about before Yup COUNT ME IN His attitude in the beginning makes a 360 turn once something happens to Emmie, and he knows that admitting his true feelings is something that needs to happen and also something that Emmie sees and appreciates it Who knew Tate Rasmussen, the no nonsense hard ass, could be devastatingly sweet Overall this was a surprisingly, amazingly, and fantastically well written romance novel that will have you wanting so much The equal balance between sexy times, feisty times, and down right adorable times in this story is what will keep you motivated to keep turning to the next page I am hoping Sarah Smith writes another tory connected to this one, I can always predict a couple that may get a story, but either way Sarah has officially become a go to author that I will one click and recommend to everyone everywhere ARC galley kindly provided by Berkley Romance in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

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    OMG here comes my FOUR what a swoony, sweet, heartwarming love hate relationship at office story I ve read, I m smiling like an idiot for hours and don t forget the irresistible, undeniable, pant melting chemistry of the couple, amazing break for me after all the thrillers giving me nightmares I ve read lately STARS Hating Games meets Beautiful Bastard meets Allure of Julian Lefray meets Tangled It s a great combination of frenemies at office novels I was about to pass this book at first, because I thought I read too many similar examples about undeniable attraction of two colleagues who are acting immature, spoiled and they do everything to sabotage their relationship and they are so afraid of being sacked so they keep their relationship secret kind of romances.BUT the reasons what makes this book different from the others ARE The book is focused to Emmie straightforward, smart, a little bossy but mostly sweet, nice, helpful, hardworker and Tate s stories tough, handsome, annoying, reserved, antisocial but smart, problem solver Then we learn he s also kind hearted, caring, romantic, passionate man As we flip through the pages, we start to learn how their characters evolve, how their past experiences affected their judgments and how their relationship started to develop from work colleagues to friends and finally to lovers So there is no carrier risk or rivalry, competition between them I loved the similarities of hero and heroine They re different from normal which made the people around them judge and call them names when they were so young They re both secluded, observant, sarcastic people who have hard times to open their hearts and start to trust the people It s so hard to love them They re so natural, realistic, honestly developed characters Of course it s so easy to root for them You can find parts of yourself when you dig about their attributes Like Joshua and Lucy from Sally Thorne s Hating Game , they got closer when the heroine gets sick and the hero takes care of her but Tate and Emmie s connection was so intense, romantic, and emotional I don t know how many times I sighed, smiled, made indefinable awkward happy voices My husband threw pillow at my way but he missed Ha ha Evil laugh Connection parts between characters on this book were better written than Hating Games There were so many hot scenes on this book Don t get me wrong Till the end they slept together but they didn t have sex But Emmie s bathing scene when only a shower curtain separated them was sweaty, heart throbbing, nasty At first Tate mostly acted like a jerk but at the final part we understood his reasons A part at his high school reunion a little irritated me Actually I pissed off And it was a little hard to accept what he did to Emmie which made me cut one star Instead of Tate s reasons for acting like douchebag around Emmie, I enjoyed this book too much and I didn t want to put it down I carried it like an accessory with me I know I invented a strange trend to wear a book on my neck but this is so sweet, swoony, lovable book I don t want to let it go And the most important thing is as soon as I put the book down, I was feeling joyful, hopeful, happy and I had still awkward silly smile on my face Maybe I could be doppelganger of Pennywise and wear my clown suit before Halloween if I keep smiling like that THIS BOOK MADE ME HAPPY I m so glad to see there are too many debut novels released on this year and most of the books are really good, enjoyable, smartly written ones I m volunteered to read upcoming books of Sarah Smith It was pleasure to meet a new writer Because when it comes to romance, my favorite authors mostly disappointed me Special thanks to Berkley and NetGalley to share this amazing ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review I wholeheartedly enjoyed this book so much

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    4 stars No matter how hard I try, I can t seem to fake anything with him Faker was a great debut novel Hate to love work place romances I m always here for them The synopsis of this gave me serious The Hating Game vibes, and that s one of my favorite romances so I knew I had to read this one I m so happy I did Emmie and Tate have worked across from one another for years Emmie is with a company that is primarily men, so she s learned to hold her own It s different with Tate, though The first thing Emmie noticed when she met Tate is how attractive he was The second thing she noticed was he despised her, and she had no idea why She still has no idea why Now, the two are forced to work together on a big project, and Emmie has no clue how this will go I loved finding out all the whys of this hate to love relationship, and I loved both of the main characters Emmie is strong, fierce, and feisty in the best way Tate is just everything He s one of those characters you don t love at first, but once you see the real him swoon I adored the man I truly loved so much about this book Sure, there was a little unnecessary drama towards the end, but thankfully, it was cleared up rather quickly Sarah Smith s writing was fun and her characters were endearing This book was enjoyable and I ll definitely be checking this author s future works If you re looking for an enemies to lovers romance that is sweet and steamy, I recommend this You tick all my boxes There s no one in the world like you, Emmie

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    I received this book for free from the publisher Berkley Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited to read this book because it is an own voices book written by a biracial Filipino American woman As some of you may know, I too am a biracial Filipino American woman I knew I had to read this book because representation matters All in all, I found this to be a cute romance I loved Tate Despite his tough exterior, he was such a softie and a generous lover I loved that he put female pleasure first Speaking of pleasure, I really liked the sex scenes One of things I really liked was the communication between Emmie and Tate Many times in contemporary romances there will be miscommunications and misunderstandings between the main characters and they will go their separate ways and sulk for a week instead of talking through it In this book, the characters will almost immediately talk about the situation, which I find realistic This book does get comparisons to The Hating Game by Sally Thorne because of the workplace enemies to lovers trope I have read that book, but it was a while ago so I don t remember much Because of that, I can t speak to their similarities As for the Filipino representation, I enjoyed seeing lit bits of Filipino culture like Illocano words and Filipino food I was also happy to see Emmie talk about being darker skinned and how that has impacted her There is also a lot of talk about Hawaii, since Emmie grew up on the Big Island Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am so happy to finally see some Filipino rep in romance

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    2.5 stars I m rounding up just because I m feeling generous.When I read the blurb for this book, I got excited I thought it was going to be a fun little rom com And I guess for some it will be.If you are a hateful old bat like me you need to ask yourself some questions that go like this This book is very cheesey It s one of those enemy then they are in lurrrrve books, but usually I like a bit of enemy stuff This one just didn t fill that need Next I love that the story includes a multicultural relationship BUT how many flipping times does the main man Tate have to have his skin discussedwe get that he is white REPEATEDLY But who cares because he is as boring as shit And then finally because I m totally going ragey on this book than I should is.does the character using slurp during sexy times make your head go into directions that it shouldn t or Wait, I said this book wasn t that bad I really didn t hate it Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review

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    Find all of my reviews at Before anyone gets all up in arms about the 3 Stars I m giving this one, let s get things clear I use the Goodreads rating system Therefore, 3 Stars I liked it There s absolutely nothing wrong with a 3 Star rating Also, I read this one here So momma sho nuff wasn t complaining When it comes to romance novels, they either click with me or they don t I m not the world s biggest fan of hate to love tropes not to mention co workers becoming romantically involved while continually acknowledging the fact that their company has a no fraternization policy , the premise of Emmie being a professional faker was a bit of a stretch she didn t seem to really fake much other than pretending she wasn t attracted to Tate , the we should take it slow to and clearing a drawer out immediately to boot , and the worst thing of all not being physically attracted like AT ALL to the description of the male lead I don t care how many times Emmie tried to convince he was some sort of Norse god in my head he remained And, in case you aren t aware I did appreciate that this remained pretty light throughout and the added drama because there always has to be a little added drama, right was not super angsty and drawn out I also remain in love with these covers no matter what some trolly little author cough blogger cough has to say about the reasons why For the record 1 NO, I am not so dense that I think Young Adult stories will be contained within the pages and 2 NO, I am not embarrassed to read smut in public I am the woman who had the following experience SOUND OF ALARM WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LEAVE LIBRARY Pornbrarian Ma am Oh, ma am Should have murdered her right there, it s MISS mother % Me Am I doing that Pornbrarian Yes, sorry NUTS DIDN T CHECK OUT PROPERLY WILL YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO THE COUNTER WITH NUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTSSSSSSS If you aren t familiar, here s Nuts That was also the last time my youngest ever went to the library with me.So not only do I call it the Pornbrary literally to EVERYONE in my life I also don t hide behind the Kindle and am than happy to respond to the question of what are you reading today when approached at the fancy coffee maker with answers like Keep up the cutesy cartoon covers Berkley I love em Just watch out about these leading men ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review It don t get much honest than spilling my own tea all over the intertubes, kids

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    Every single woman in our vicinity was gawking at you like you were something to eat A couple guys too, actually You didn t notice Too busy death staring at me If you eased up on the steely facade, they would approach you I expect him to chuckle, to roll his eyes in assessment He doesn t speak, not right away All he does is swallow and stare Maybe I don t want them to, he says.There s a flutter in my stomach It surges up my chest and to my throat, making it impossible to talk.I will start addressing the elephant in the room Yes, this is a romance office And yes, this is too a enemies to lovers romance And yes, you will probably see a big number of reviews comparing this book to The Hating Game in a negative way As for myself, I won t do that Both books are different and not every book with those points in common with THG has to automatically live in its shadow In the same way that not every book about wizards is a copy of Harry Potter or every book about vampires must be compared to Twilight.Having said that, I must start off by saying that I was quickly impressed by this debut The writing was undeniably good, and despite the fact that this book uses a formula that has a lot of numbers to be a hit with me, not every book achieves to capture my interest so quickly.In Faker, we are presented with Emmie, a filipino heroine that works in a mostly male environment, and Tate, the handsome but extremely frowny colleague she loves to hate The build up of their relationship was the characteristic bliss that comes from the tension between two individuals that seem to hate each other And I say seem because it quickly becomes absolutely obvious, in the best way possible, that Tate was silently begging Emmie to let him love her While Emmie was flat out sure that Tate hated her guts In other words, bickering, sparks and sizzling chemistry that led to the discovery of a Tate that was freaking sweetest.The whole book is told in Emmie s pov, which in my opinion helped adding this little push to keep reading just so you can finally unveil whatever feelings Tate was harbouring and hiding and why And dang, that was probably my favourite thing of Faker There is nothing like peeling off a character that starts with about a hundred and three layers.All in all, I think it s a great debut Perhaps I expected a bit of a punch towards the end Maybe something else to the climax That final push that leaves you with no other choice but to give the book 5 stars and push all your friends to read it Regardless, I absolutely enjoyed it and Tate made me swoon real hard So Sarah Smith is an author that I will certainly come back to for I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    2009 Ellen Gail ewww, rom coms are so cheesy why would I read that 2019 Ellen Gail rom coms are so cheesy I effing love it.

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