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    For those who are accustomed to political and explicit allegories, there are none and this may disappoint some fan assiduous This book of short stories, very brief in its six narratives with a simple background, a violence that operates between the lines and where the center of the stories is a male character.

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    Mario Vargas Llosa had so far not figured in my list of authors that I have read I don t know why To all fans of literature, he is a must read, I would say I attribute my missing him out to the vagaries of chance to be rectified post haste This book, containing seven of the stories he had written during his youthful years, are all real gems True to the Latin American culture, these tales are brimming with passion love, lust, jealousy and anger These are the narratives of a people who live life to the fullest or die trying.The title story is different in form than the other ones, which are told in relatively straightforward manner The Cubs , however, is pure stream of consciousness the spare prose, the curious juxtapositions, and the strangely fluid feel of the narrative brings to mind Faulkner and Hemingway, two of Llosa s influences This tragic tale of an accidentally castrated young man should have been maudlin that it isn t is the evidence for the author s verbal dexterity.Youthful rivalries are here we see them in The Leaders and On Sunday a bit silly if one looks at it from a mature viewpoint, but deadly serious to the protagonists view spoiler In the second story mentioned, it almost leads to tragedy hide spoiler

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    All these stories deal with youth in Peru half a century ago Boys have cliques become so dependent on one another I dunno, all I can say is that I am so happy to be gay There are several rites of passage and pseudo machismo I m so glad I did without Really glad I didn t have to deal with these things Most of the stories, particularly The Cubs and On Sunday are poignant The titular work is perhaps comparable to the great novellas, like Ivan Illych Death in Venice There is uber nostalgia for classroom days and the days when boys would rip on each other yet stand up for one another, when the time came to help.

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    Bolano singled out The Cubs along with Cortazar s The Pursuer, Marquez s No One Writes to the Colonel, and Donoso s Hell Has No Limits as one of the most important works of the Latin American Boom period I wasn t impressed with the few later works I d read by Vargas Llosa, but this early novella is technically dazzling written in first and third person simultaneously, fluidly switching between individual and group perspectives and back again within the same sentence, sometimes the same phrase It makes the narration in The Virgin Suicides seem facile by comparison The book pointedly refuses to get inside the head of its savagely wounded protagonist, which generates the resonant mystery at the story s core 4.5 stars.

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    Instantly and consistently quality writing Hard subjects, beautifully covered Society and friendships laid bare Very good.

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    An uninspiring and boring collection of short stories.Now, I do forgive the author since it was his first publication and as he is a noble prize winner, I am sure that his later works will be astounding Yet, having read this first work, I do not respect this author This collection irritated me, it bored me, it was lackluster However, I do hope that this opinion will change 1 The Cubs I hate, HATE that there are no quotation marks to separate dialogue from inner monologue Also, this is a story of how a man lost his dick and how it changes his life However, it didn t take advantage of that idea as much as it could have and instead it appears as just some story about a man with no hormones and no penis 1 5 2 The Leaders At least this had quotation marks but the dialogue felt unnatural and the story was forgettable and uninteresting 1 5 3 The Grandfather Now this one was mildly interesting and is short so it does not overstay its welcome One of the entertaining pieces in the collection 2 5 4 A Visitor About a dangerous criminal and the police and an old lady in the woods Entertaining at least 2 5 5 On Sunday Wasted opportunity, wasted opportunity, wasted opportunity, wasted opportunity What a fukin disappointment since it actually held somewhat of an interesting style and premise 0 5 6 The Challenge Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what was this even about 1 5 7 The Younger Brother This one was not terrible 2 5 I feel bad because my father recommended this to me himself and although he ll say I read it incorrectly, I ll say he recommended me the incorrect book to show me what this author is capable of Boring Lackluster UninspiringFinal Rating 2.3 10BUY BORROW SKIP Skip

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    it reminds me of animal farm by Orwell thats all i can say and i read it i spanish, was hard for me the spanish of peru coloquial aun lo entendi.

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    I think I had read some of these stories before Certainly, I had read the one about the boy whose penis is bitten off by a dog I recommend it the story, not having your penis bitten off by a dog.

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    I don t know if it was the translation or the stories themselves, but I couldn t read this To be honest though, I bought it because of the cover P.S Might give it another try in the future.

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    Los Jefes was the first published book for Vargas Llosa in 1959 It comprises of six short stories all on the theme of youth and his native Peru The stories Los Jefes The Leaders , El desafio The Challenge Dia Domingo Day Sunday feature the dialogue of the young men that is focused on frustration, politics, drinking and lots of bravado El hermano menor The Younger Brother and Un visitante The Visitor were challenging stories centered on the theme of someone being wronged or duped with dire endings However the story I enjoyed the best was the last one, El abuelo The Grandfather about an old man waiting to see his always absent grandson and when he does see him, he is a little tyrant By chance he comes across a poor child s skull when driving near some slums The grandfather comes up with an idea of teaching him a lesson with the skull and the story has a very black comdedic ending no spoiler given away These themes would repeat themselves in grander and eloquent later novels.Packaged together is a story called Los cachorros The Puppies from 1967 This also features lots of dialogue making this a challenge for myself, a beginner to reading Spanish but the format is repeated in his monumental book Conversations in the Cathedral so I knew what I was in for The story is rich with imagery featuring a group of young students, who meet around playing football, and covers their lives over several years of college Typically of Vargas Llosa, lots of bravado, drinking, tales of failed romances and challenging parents lalways refered to as los viejos the old folks As the timeline runs out, life changes Enjoyable insight to his early material.

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