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[[ BOOKS ]] ✪ Клевета Author Anton Chekhov –

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    10 thoughts on “[[ BOOKS ]] ✪ Клевета Author Anton Chekhov –

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    A good, five minute read.

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    Fantastic the best 10 minutes of my entire week

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    This is another good piece of short fiction by Chekhov.

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    The story tells us that sometimes we worry too much about appearances and instead of laughing off silly comments, we exaggerate and overreact and end up with a bigger problem.

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    A typical story , or should I say an instance of gossip which is a part of everyday happenstance There s not a single soul in the world who hasn t gossiped or bitched , and in turn hasn t been gossiped about I was dismayed because, really there s nothing to the above what 4 page piece, but may...

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    Ahineev the main character is wrongly accused of kissing the cook in A Slander A Slander is a very short story that reflects the behavior of society concerning public image Chekhov basically writes that one should be sure before taking action A Slander is both somber and funny, demonstrati...

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    Gossip, reputation, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having it all potentially ruining a life I suppose things haven t changed from Chekhov s era in some ways though I would like to think that today s society would be a bit forgiving.

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